Pet Odor and Stain Removal

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Pet Odor and Stain Removal

For most of us, our pets are our family. We love them intensely and we want them with us all the time. Unfortunately, when we bring pets into our homes we run the risk of accidents. Our pets can adapt pretty well to home life, but sometimes they still make mistakes or get sick. When we have carpets and furniture, this can lead to long-term problems with odors and stains.

At Chad’s Carpet Care, we want to help you get your carpets and furniture as clean as possible – including the removal of pet odors and stains. Using the latest technologies and equipment, we can get to the source of the odor problem and eliminate it. We can also wipe out stains that may seem impossible to remove on your own.

Common Pet Problems

Some of the most common issues we see include:

Pet Dander

Our pets are always shedding hair and skin cells, just like us. But the problem with pet dander is that it can cause unwanted smells and allergic reactions. The longer dander goes without getting cleaned, the more it accumulates. You may not even be aware of just how much is in your carpets and furniture until your home is professionally cleaned.

Accidents – Urine, Feces, And Vomit

Even the best-trained pet in the world can still have an accident. Things like urine, feces and vomit can all penetrate deeply into your carpet and the pad underneath, making them impossible to clean on your own. The longer things like urine are left in the material, the harder they become to remove.

Oils And Secretions

One problem pet owners do not often notice at first is the different oils and secretions that pets may produce. Pets not only produce skin oil, but also different glandular secretions – like anal glands – that the pet may rub on furniture and on the flooring. These oils can be a source of stains and odor that you are not even aware of.


The most obvious issue with your pet is probably the hair. Pet hair can make its way into fabrics and carpeting in such a way that regular vacuuming cannot remove it.

Pet Odor Removal And Pet Stain Removal

Our pet odor removal and pet stain removal services target the problems at their source. We have cleaning products specifically designed to break down pet stains and pet odors, completely removing them from your carpets and your furniture.

Sometimes you may not know where all the problem areas are, which is understandable. We have tools to locate all contaminated areas, so we can help you eliminate problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

As with all of our cleaning work, we are dedicated to getting your home as clean as possible. We will work diligently to identify and remove all pet stains and pet odors.

Get Your Carpet Cleaned In No Time

Although we can usually clean up any pet stain or odor with enough effort, we want our customers to know that early detection and cleaning is always preferable. If you notice that your pet has had an accident, please let us know. We can come out and clean up individual problem areas as they arise, saving you money and protecting your home.

If you would like pet odor removal or pet stain removal services, please contact our helpful staff today.

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