Know When It’s Time to Call in the Carpet Cleaning Professionals

It’s important to know when you’ve met your match with that nasty carpet stain, and when you should call in the professionals. From mud tracked in from kids and pets, red wine and coffee stains and pet urine stains, there is an endless list of stains that can permanently affect your carpet.

Immediately treating a stain is imperative in removing it completely; however, in many cases, we aren’t lucky enough to be able to clean the carpet before a stain sets. If you are lucky enough to notice a spill immediately, remove as much of the staining substance as possible and then use a clean, dry rag or towel, apply rubbing alcohol and gently blot the carpet. You must be careful and only use a little rubbing alcohol however, otherwise you may damage the latex backing in your carpet. Prior to using the rubbing alcohol, you should pretest the carpet in an inconspicuous spot to make sure you don’t accidentally create a new stain to your carpet.

If you made the carpet stain worse or if it remains unchanged, you may have inadvertently made the stain permanent. This can happen by scrubbing the stain, ignoring the stain, applying heat to the affected carpet, drowning the carpet in cleaning solution or failing to remove any excess substance.

If all else fails, it’s time to call in the professionals. Contact your trusted carpet cleaning company, such as Chad’s Carpet Care located in southeast Houston, and schedule a professional carpet cleaning. A trusted company will evaluate your carpet and will discuss the specific areas that need special attention, such as those permanent, set in stains.

Since your carpet is one of the most expensive investments in your home, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure it remains in great condition for years to come!