Why You Should Invest In a Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Cleaning your upholstered furniture can be really difficult especially if you are afraid of damaging your expensive furniture. When you lack the time and the knowledge to give your furniture the care and attention it needs, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Chad’s Carpet Care can handle your upholstered furniture with ease, ensuring that your house remains clean and looking like new. After months and possibly years of family, friends, children and pets sitting, sleeping and climbing all over your furniture, you may have noticed your couches looking a little worse for the wear. Over time, spilled food and drinks, pet stains and dirt have found their way into the fibers of your once pristine couch, leaving it dingy and soiled.

Chad's Carpet Care offers professional upholstery cleaningChad’s Carpet Care realizes that upholstery is more complicated to clean and maintain than your floors due to the varying fabrics. With a team of experienced and professional staff though, they can tackle your soiled furniture. A good upholstery cleaning company will assess your furniture, including the fabric, colorfastness and dimensional stability before determining the right methods and products for your furniture. Professional companies like Chad’s Carpet Care use certain products and techniques that will not only lift the stains and dirt a normal cleaning will leave behind, but will also restore the color and texture of your upholstery fibers.

A professional cleaning will not only keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh, but it will also make your home a healthier a place to live. Professional cleanings will remove the bio-pollutants improving the air quality in your home, will remove the dust and dander that can trigger allergies and asthma, and will remove the microscopic bacteria and germs that can make your family sick.

There are a number of reasons to keep your home clean. If your couches have fallen victim to the regular wear and tear of children and pets, proper cleaning will be key to maintaining the integrity of your furniture. Keep your furniture beautiful, your home clean and your family healthy by scheduling an annual professional upholstery cleaning today.